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Tradewinds 2 Game

Rated 100/100 by Big Fish Games players.

Amass a fortune by buying and selling goods. Earn enough gold to upgrade your ship and engage in land and sea battles. Encounter a fascinating new world and discover uncharted ports. Two game modes and over sixty hours of gameplay await you. Play Tradewinds 2 and explore your new world.

  • Buy low and sell high in 20 different ports with 1
  • Choose one of 5 characters or create and customize
  • Embark on over 100 swashbuckling adventures

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/14

Tradewinds 2 Download for Windows

User comments:

Best game in the Tradewinds series. I love the Tradewinds series of strategy games, and in my opinion Tradewinds 2 is by and far the best. It takes place in the the Caribbean in the golden age of piracy. I found free trade mode to be a bit boring in this installment, but I prefer the story modes-- and these stories kept me interested, plus I liked how it remained challenging throughout; unlike Tradewinds Odyssey where despite good storylines and gameplay, it just got too easy after a while

Another great Tradewinds game. Simply love the Tradewinds games! Reminiscent of the old Taipan game.

Witty and imaginative Tycoon game. This is a clever, very witty tycoon game with lots of pirate battles and adventuring quests built into the mix. It's got excellent replay value since there are 5 main characters to choose from in Story mode and you can even create your own character once you unlock Free Play. I loved the way these 5 characters cross each other's paths during each storyline, so that someone you played as during one run-through then becomes someone you meet during another game. The graphics are large, clear and perfectly suit the humourous seafaring feel, and the jolly music is fine.