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Rated 100/100 by Big Fish Games players.

Marine has set off on a crazy journey that could change the world of Myst forever! Find twelve warriors and defeat the heartless government of Mystrock! The people of Marine’s world are weak and in despair, and even her own father is critically wounded. Fight troublesome creatures and legendary monsters, help people in town, visit secret rooms, collect orbs and complete many, many quests in Millennium 2 – Take me Higher.

  • Unique gameplay
  • Immersive world
  • Change Myst forever!
  • Check out our Blog Walkthrough
  • Play Millennium: A New Hope

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Millennium 2 Take Me Higher Download for Windows

User comments:

Even better than the first part This game is a sequel to Millennium: A New Hope, so if you liked the first part you know what to expect - quests, battles, secret rooms, well-designed maps and even more jumping than in the previous game.And - obviously - you will see the continuation of Marinne's journey. I enjoyed Millennium 2 even more than the first game.

Adventure Game! Marine still needs to complete getting her companions. Where is she to find them now? Check it out! New places to go, new things to learn and new companions to recruit. The developer has made it easier for all types of players so you can play to your skill level.

Millennium 2- Take Me Higher MM2 is a perfect continuation of the beloved MM1, and leaves you longing for the next installment, and eager to see what this talented creator will come up with next!