Chibi Knight 2 Game

Super Chibi Knight is a PC/Mac/Linux Action RPG that takes you to the Kingdom of Oukoku to battle a mysterious sorcerer who has unleashed his minions on the kingdom's citizens. (Note: this is a full-fledged PC/Mac/Linux game sequel to the hugely popular Chibi Knight 1 Flash game)

As you track down the sorcerer, General Tso, you will encounter the following:

  • - 10 unique levels for Armor, Special, and Sword, each with their own custom look and power profile
  • - 5 unlockable specialty attacks to vanquish your enemies
  • - 2 custom class paths that significantly impact the game's outcome (Beastmaster or Sorcerer)
  • - 4 Findable spells for the Sorcerer Path
  • - 4 Ridable Beast Mounts for the Beastmaster path
  • - Tons of great (and huge) multi-stage bosses
  • - A plethora of secrets that only the truly adventurous will discover
  • - Amazing custom sound track by composer Brian Holmes
  • - Incredible and unique art style by the creator of the original Chibi Knight
  • - Adorable voice acting by the creator's 8 year-old daughter!

The official game story:

Every hero faces 2 paths...his choices decide his fate.

After Monocchio's defeat, his spirit and all-seeing eye were banished to the dark realm forever.

Or so the inhabitants of Oukoku thought...

3 years after his defeat, Monocchio's remaining minions began a ploy to summon their master back to the light realm. Two groups rose up to prevent the return of Monocchio.

The Sorcery Clan from the island of Mahou pooled their formidable collection of magic spells and pushed the uprising to the brink of defeat, but at the final moment General Tso reached into the fiery dark realm and unleashed a spell so black it incinerated the eyes of every sorcerer in Oukoku. While the knowledge of Mahoun magic remains in their minds, the sorcerers are unable to execute the intricate eye movements necessary to use their magic. Rumors have since begun to circulate about a youth who will redeem Mahoun magic by learning their most potent spells and defeating General Tso.

After General Tso's victory, Oukoku mourned the loss of its sorcerers. The Beastmasters, long hidden in the Yajuu mountains, broke their 100 year separation from Oukoku and mounted their own attack on General Tso. Using their close connection with animal life, they fiercly dominated Tso's armies and let their beasts feast on the battle remains. In a dastardly move, General Tso poisoned the Yajuu beasts' food supply, thus eliminating decades of specialized training and defeating the Beastmasters' gambit. In shame, they retreated back into the Yajuu mountains with their proverbial tails between their legs. Shortly thereafter, the Yajuu Seers predicted that only one who could master the ways of the Beastmasters and summon the mysterious 'Hebi' beast could defeat general Tso.

General Tso, hidden near the Kazangan volcano range, now seeks to complete his plan to bring about the return of the evil Monocchio.