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Bearbarians game

So you've played Mario and have some notable experience with Sonic, but were either of these characters a bear with a sword and a gun that can annihilate enemy bears whilst hopping from platform to platform? The answer to this is most definitely a resounding no, though Bearbarians is a game that entails exactly this scenario. You've managed to survive an horrific attack on your village in the land of Beabaria, and it is up to you to be the hero that stamps out the evil bear-based opposition once and for all.

Knightmare Tower

Knightmare Tower game

Launch games don’t often comes as addictive – or unbelievably stylish – as Knightmare Tower, where a princess has gone and gotten herself kidnapped and the only thing you can do is launch into the air and slice your way to her safe and uneventful return. 

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Armed With Wings 2

armed with wings 2 game

So you’ve battled and problem-solved your way through ‘Armed With Wings’ and now you’re back to see what the sequel can offer you, huh? Perhaps you enjoyed the original so much that you thought you’d finagle yourself a little taste of the subsequent title of the series and see if it measures up to the greatness of its predecessor? Perhaps you’ve never heard of this game and you just wanted to get stuck into some solid platform-based action with hints of strategy without being constantly berated by me in a condescending, unprofessional manner? It’s too late for the latter to happen, but the previous hypothetical situations have a high likelihood of being true because the publishers at ‘Armour Games’ play host to an impressive, action-heavy sequel which is entertaining, addictive and altogether different from its predecessor. Strap yourself in for the ride, as this is a detailed guide to surviving the mayhem; follow this and you may survive until the third sequel.

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Swords and Sandals 3

Swords and Sandals 3 game

Gladiator sims are becoming a genre in their own right these days, and one of the main contenders in this race for gladiator-based greatness is Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Ultratus. Having moves on considerably from the first two titles, the game offers more upgrades and variables than ever before whilst maintaining the turn-based one-vs-one format that makes it so hard to not spend all your free time playing it.

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Swords and Sandals 2

Swords and Sandals 2 game

For some, time is a great healer, for others it is the passing of time that leads to their ruin, but for 3rd Sense's Swords and Sandals series, it appears to be an improve..r. That’s right, Swords and Sandals is back in the business of gladiator impersonation with you at the helm. Fight countless opponents in the arena with upgradable weapons, armour, and a new magic inclusion just for the hell of it!

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Hands of War 2

Hands of War 2 game

Free-roaming RPG action with depth and fantasy: perhaps a description that sells the game short, though it is difficult to describe a game that possesses the replay value and the potential for different courses of progression of Hands of War 2. 

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Chibi Knight 2

If you hear the word ‘Knight’, what immediately springs to your mind? For me, it is the heroic battle, the fight for all that is good, and the man that will stand up to evil on principle alone, regardless of agenda and opinion. I often think of towering and heroic characters on huge steeds when confronted with knight-based games, but Chibi Knight has all but diluted this pure thinking with images of an adorable little knight of miniscule proportions with the cutest voice that I ever did hear with my own two hearing apparatuses on either side of my head. That’s right, Chibi Knight ruined the stereotype for me, but it did so in the cutest way possible. As an action slash adventure slash RPG game, Chibi Knight not only changed my thinking on what it is to be a knight, but also raised the standard for action/adventure games considerable with its simple-yet-addictive upgrade system, the inclusion of spells, and a visual style that is better than 99.99 (recurring) percent better than any other game of its type out there. Now there’s room in the world for a Chibi Knight 2, and it’s definitely in the making, so what would we like to see in follow up?  

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Epic War 6

There’s nothing like the word ‘epic’ to inject an inflated sense of urgency and expansiveness to something that really isn’t all that urgent or expansive. The ‘e’ word is used all too often these days, often in relation to things that are ever antonym under the sun for epic; things like an Instagram photo of someone’s lunchtime sandwich or in relation to a photo album of someone’s night out. When anyone under the age of 21 uses the word ‘epic’, I immediately shudder and swiftly assume that the subject they are describing is anything but. This isn’t the case with the Epic War series however: these games are true to the definition of the oft-misused adjective. Side-scrolling defense action is the series’ mode of action, and epic truly is the nature of the battles, with waves of enemies entering battling against a huge selection of heroes, units, and spells used across a number of different levels of various campaigns. Epic War: Saga (aka Epic War 5) was an amalgamation of the previous titles and gave the game a multiplayer (PvP) dimension; the world is now dying for Epic War 6, so what could we, and indeed should we expect from it?

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